Sugon 6000 Series Supercomputer

Sugon 6000 series supercomputer originates from Sugon’s R&D strength and innovation. It is composed of hardware, software, and service, which can be combined and customized into a single system or a total solution.

Hierarchical architecture of Sugon 6000 series supercomputer:

Infrastructure layer
provides a reliable and energy-saving operating environment
Hardware layer
includes computing, storage, network and other hardware facilities
Software layer
provides integrated system management, programming and runtime environment, and job scheduling for HPC applications
Application layer
covers a wide spectrum of applications and tuning supports

Product Features

Flexibility and Scalability
  • Modular design with flexible expansion
  • Scales up to 10-100 PFLOPS of performance and Exabyte of storage capacity
  • Adaptability
    Specialized compute nodes, flexible network topologies, application optimized storage and job scheduler combine to meet the needs of every kind of application
  • Thousands of success stories in a wide range of applications areas
  • Typical examples: the “Nebulae” system at National Supercomputing Center in Shenzhen (NSCS) and the “Era” system at Supercomputing Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences (SCCAS)
  • 30%+ market share in China HPC market every year