Infrastructure CloudBASE Server Room Infrastructure

CloudBASE series server room infrastructure is comprised of rack cabinets, cabling, power distribution, cooling, monitoring, dehumidification and other subsystems or equipment. Rack-level, row-level, pool-level and room-level cooling styles are available to choose, ether chilled water system or direct expansion/pump refrigeration system.

The 4th Generation of Data

Center Standards compliant

High Energy Efficiency

Rack level
(contained airflow)

Row level
(contained airflow)

Pool level
(partially contained airflow)

Room level
(open airflow)

Product Features

High Energy Efficiency

  • Separation of cold and hot airflow to avoid air short-circuiting. Close-coupled cooling to reduce the airflow distance and cold leakage. Automatic adjustment of air volume and server inlet temperature
  • breaks through to support high-density computing of maximum 30kW per cabinet
  • Optimizes PUE to 1.4-1.6. Saves electricity cost by 30%

Flexibility and Intelligence

  • Separation of infrastructure and server room building to increase flexibility
  • Integration of infrastructure and IT equipment to keep pace with business change
  • Adaptable to multi-phased project or multi-partitioned server room


  • Modular design, easy and quick deployment
  • Integrated alarm monitoring of power distribution, smoke and fire, water leakage, temperature and humidity