Computing TC4600E-LP Liquid Cooling Blade System

Improving the energy efficiency of supercomputers to save the operational cost is a constant pursuit for both customers and system vendors. TC4600E-LP is a revolutionary liquid cooling redesign of the air cooling TC4600E system. It could extremely decrease the electricity cost for cooling and completely release the computing performance.

PUE optimized to 1.2

Boost performance by 5%

Product Features

Energy Efficiency
reduces the power consumption of fan by 70% and of air conditioning system by 80%, optimizes PUE to 1.2
effectively lowers the temperature of main components, which helps to extend system life
Ultra Silence
within 45 dB due to very low fan speed
High Performance
supports latest generation of Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 processors, GPU or Intel Xeon Phi accelerators, and FDR 56Gbps or EDR 100Gbps InfiniBand. Liquid cooling helps the frequency boost of processors and accelerators to gain an extra performance increase by 5%
no additional requirements for server room

Technical specifications

ChassisRack mount 6U
Cooling MethodMixed liquid and air cooling Processor and accelerator cooled by liquid and other parts by air
Blade 10x 2S blades per chassis or 5x 2S heterogeneous blades + 10x GPU or Intel Xeon Phi accelerators
Power ConsumptionMaximum 4kW for routine blades, 5kW for heterogeneous blades
CabinetUp to 6 chassis within a 42U rack cabinet
Air Conditioning SystemLiquid cooling part: natural cooling throughout the whole year, no air conditioning compressor needed Air cooling part: room-level (open airflow), pool-level (partially contained airflow) or row-level (contained airflow) air conditioning
Noise LevelWithin 45 dB
PUE1.1 for liquid cooling part 1.6 for air cooling part About 1.2 for entire blade system