Life Sciences

HPC is playing a crucial role in life sciences, e.g., data analysis of modern “omics” and genome sequencing technologies, modeling biomolecular systems, simulation of organ function, etc. Sugon has extensive experience in HPC system design for these applications.

Beijing Genomics Institute, CAS

Developing advanced genome sequencing and bioinformatics techniques, exploring efficient computational strategies to take advantage of various omics data.

Sugon HPC supported IPCAS on a series of significant studies such as “Quantum anomalous Hall effect”

Agriculture Genomics Institute at Shenzhen, China Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Focusing on agricultural genomics, agricultural molecular breeding, food grain safety and biology safety.

National Center for Protein Science Shanghai

An advanced global technology platform and an internationally recognized protein science research center, ensuring efficient facility operation and high-quality service for protein science research.

Institute of Pathogen Biology Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences

Conducting high quality research in biology of important human pathogens, advancing knowledge and technology for better diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of the infectious diseases.