Supercomputing Center

Sugon’s high-performance computer has been widely adopted in China by hundreds of supercomputing centers of government, university and research institute to support scientific and industrial innovation.

Shanghai Supercomputing Center

One of the most influential supercomputing center in China, providing service for medicine design, new materials, engineering and many other areas.

The latest two supercomputers at SSC:

  • Dawning 4000A (World NO.10 in 2004)
  • Dawning 5000A (233TFLOPS, World NO.10 and Asia NO.1 in 2008)

National Supercomputing Center in Shenzhen

One of the national supercomputing center in China to provide large-scale scientific computing, engineering computing and cloud computing services.

The “Dawning 6000/Nebulae” system at National Supercomputing Center in Shenzhen (NSCS) with 1.271 PFLOPS peak performance ranked NO.2 on TOP500 and NO.4 on Green500 in 2010.

Supercomputing Center of CAS

As the supercomputing center of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) , SCCAS provides professional computing service and technical support for a multiple of science fields. the “Era” system at SCCAS: with 2.3 PFLOPS of performance and 6.3 PB of storage.

Beijing Computing Center

As one of the most historical computing centers in China, BCC provides service for multiple fields such as government, industry, commerce, education and social issues. There are several Sugon supercomputers at BCC to support CAE, computational biology, etc.