Silicon Cube Series Supercomputer

Silicon Cube series supercomputer leverages Sugon’s latest technologies in terms of computing, high-speed network, massive storage and liquid cooling. It is Sugon’s pathway to exascale computing.

Resource Independence and Coupling

Infinite Scalability

Standard Serviceability

Customized HW and SW

Hierarchical High-Speed Network

Layer 1
non-blocking switching within a hyper node
Layer 2
3D-Torus topology with outstanding neighborhood communication performance, strong fault-tolerance capability and almost infinite scalability

Application Scenarios

Silicon Cube series supercomputer is most suitable for ultra-large-scale scientific or engineering simulation with a mesh algorithm and for the best with a neighborhood communication

Case in Point

The Earth System Numerical Simulation from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is composed of a multiple of coupled models with communication locality and uneven load balance.